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980-390-3982 | 917-434-2878



The best authentic African Quazene is Located at
4438 The Plaza in Charlotte North Carolina.
Come and experience the flavors of Africa.

We are now open!

Dibi, Suya Meat.

‘Suya Meat’ (spiced, nutty, smoky, charred beef, served with onions, tomatoes, cilantro, lettuce, and lime juice.

A view from inside our restaurant

Enjoy the fresh flavors and spices used in the same food preparations used in Africa for hundreds of years. Experience fine African food like never before.

(Name) Egg Rolls

(Name) Egg Roles

(Alloco) Fried Plantains

(Alloco) Fried Plantains.

(Poisson braisé avec Attieké) Grilled Fish

Poisson braisé avec Attieké.

(Foutou) Mashed Plantains

Fufu with sauce.

A few of our Menu-Items

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Tima African Restaurant Menu.
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TIMA African Restaurant Location

4438 The Plaza, Charlotte, NC. 28215
980-390-3982 | 917-434-2878